Polysomnogram (PSG)


A polysomnogram (PSG) is a painless test designed to monitor and evaluate your sleep characteristics and physical state during sleep. You will spend the night in a private bedroom; small electrodes and sensors will be painlessly attached to various parts of your body to monitor brainwaves, heart function, and breathing and muscle activity.  You will be video monitored to correlate body position and movement with physiologic data.

Patient Instructions:

If you take a sleep aid at night, please bring it with you and take it when you get to the office.  Feel free to ask the technologist about any concerns or procedures at any time.  Questions related to your medical condition or the results of the study will be answered by your physician.  The results will be available approximately 10 business days after the date of your test.

Getting ready for your test:

1.  You are scheduled for an all night sleep study.  It is very important that you arrive at your scheduled time.  Expect to be released the following morning between 4-6 a.m.  

2.  Please shower and wash your hair before your appointment. Do not use hairspray, gels, conditioners, lotions or moisturizers. Please remove any braids, hair weaves or additions that restrict access to the scalp.

3.  Take any medications as prescribed.  If you use sleep aids, bring them to the appointment.  Do not take any sleep aids prior to arriving.  Make a list of any/all medications that you are prescribed or bring the medication in their labeled containers to your appointment.  Please include any medications that were discontinued in the last 2 weeks.

4.  Do not drink any alcoholic beverages 24 hours prior to your test time.

5.  Avoid all caffeinated products or other stimulants 8 hours prior to your test time.

6.  Bring your own toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.)

7.  You may bring a pillow, book or magazine, or a decaffeinated beverage.  Please do not bring snacks or food with you to your exam.

8.  If you are wearing acrylic nails, please remove the index fingernail on both nails.

9.  Bring comfortable two-piece sleepwear.

10.  Cellular phones, pagers and alarms must be turned off during testing.

11.  If you feel you may have difficulty getting to sleep, please feel free to bring an over the counter sleep aid that has been approved by your physician.  Be sure that you will be okay to drive the following morning, BEFORE you take any sleep medications. 

12. We do NOT allow patient's visitors.

13. Make sure you eat before the test as you will not be allowed to eat at the lab.

14. Any type of smoking is Prohibited at the sleep center.

15.  PLEASE bring any insurance and/or Military ID cards with you to your appointment so that copies can be made for billing purposes.  The exam will not be performed without proof of insurance coverage.  Tricare is always secondary to private insurance/Medicare.  If you have multiple insurance plans, please check with them to ensure that this procedure will be covered.

16.  It is the patient's responsibility to contact their health insurance company(s) prior to making their appointment to ensure full/partial coverage of their visit.

17.  DISCLAIMER:  Please note creams and pastes are used during the preparation process of your sleep study.  These products are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.  However, skin sensitivity varies with each patient, and therefore in rare cases there might be a chance of temporary discomfort and/or chaffing in the areas where products are applied.