Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT)


  • An MSLT is a painless test designed to monitor and evaluate the level of your daytime sleepiness, and may assist your provider with determining the potential cause of this sleepiness.  

  • You will be asked to complete another overnight sleep study prior to the typically daytime MSLT. 

  •  Following your overnight exam, you will remain in the Sleep Center during the day to complete a series of nap attempts or “trials”.  

  • You will remain in your own private bedroom during both exams.  

  • Only some of the sensors that are required during the overnight exam will be used during the MSLT, the remainder will be removed. 

  • You may bring breakfast and lunch or someone can bring you something from home.  

  • The naps will begin 2-3 hours following your overnight exam and will typically conclude about 4-5 p.m.  

  • There will be over an hour in between each nap trial where you will be asked to remain alert. 

  •  Wifi is available so mobile devices may be used during this time.  

  • During the daytime exam all caffeine should be withheld. 

  •  Smoking is not recommended and is strictly forbidden 30 minutes prior to the beginning of any nap trial.  

  • Patients should complete a Sleep Diary 2 weeks prior to their MSLT